Flexible Tubing

Midland Plastics is proud to carry a full flexible tubing inventory for use in a wide range of applications. We also carry braided, reinforced versions to accommodate higher operating pressures. A wide variety of formulations are available for just about any application.

  • Beverage Dispensing
  • Fluid Management
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Milk and Dairy Processing
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fuel Lines
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petroleum/Gasoline


  • Many options, including FDA-, 3-A- and NSF-compliant varieties.
  • Can be tailored to meet temperature, abrasion, chemical or permeation resistance, and sterile-environment requirements.
  • Flexible Tubing Lengths - Available in 25', 50', 100' and 500' lengths, depending on type and size. Custom lengths may be available.
  • Flexible Tubing Inner diameters - Inner diameter dimensions (I.D.) as small as .010", and as large as 6", are available. Tubing type determines the ultimate size availability.